NFT : Sculpture

Observer #01

Observer #02

The true observers in this life distill everything down to the properties of light... the waves, the particles, the spectra, the energy. They deconstruct to the level of beautiful abstraction and rebuild reality with the matter that matters. They can retell even their own stories, strip away the illusions, begin again.

These images comprise my clay sculptures and my abstract oil paintings. The square format reduces the 'portrait' element and presents the figure as a symbol of a segment of society. The absence of hairstyle and discernable fashion helps bring a sense of timelessness.

The NFT on display will be 4000px square. This series has not yet been submitted to any NFT platform.

  • Dimensions:
    4000px sq
  • NFT Edition Size:
  • In The Mix:
    Clay / Oil Paint / Digital Imaging

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