NFT : Transmuting

Transmuting #07

Transmuting #07

We survive and thrive on the invisible but our species as a whole seems to have lost sight of this crucial fact of existence. Understanding that we are creatures of light, that sound plays a key role in our well-being, and that movement and the free flowing of energy within the body deeply affects our physical and mental health and longevity, is as important as saving the planet on which we live. The condition of our bodies and minds, and the condition of the planet have both suffered as a result of ignoring the full picture of what is required for sustainability at every level.

Another factor governing all things is the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and emotions, how we generate and process them, and how we react to stimuli. This energy is not insignificant in terms of its physical manifestation within the body and within the field that connects all life.

These images were created by sculpting clay for the figure, and photographing various textures, both natural and hand-made, to imply the transmutation of energy.

  • Dimensions:
    5000 x 5000 px
  • NFT Edition Size
  • Medium:
    Clay / Photography / Paint
  • Platform:
    Objkt (Tezos)

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