NFT Creations


ForgingOil Paint / Digital Imaging

Atomic or galactic scale, it's all the same. Forces of change and creation are at work. Turbulence and chaos are natural states as visions become defined. Whether they are emotional energies within us, the powers of our creative imagination or universal energies acting on each other, we must not resist. We need to allow the process, embrace it and then grow to harness it. Trust your resilience and your ability to adapt but most of all, know that your imagination forges your universe.

Each NFT is 7200 pixels square (24 inches square at 300 dpi). Currently there are 13 images in the collection with more on the way.


Les Deux Villages

Les Deux VillagesPhotography-based Mixed Media Digital Imaging

These works were created using pieces of two 'villages' that I have called home... Paris, France and Wortley Village in London, Ontario, Canada.

In each scene, a structure and an alternate path to a mysterious destination are presented, and so the viewer may be somewhat conflicted about the choice between the comfort of a welcoming secure space and the adventure of the unknown.

Each NFT is a 1200px square lightly animated version of the scene with a 5000px still image as unloackable content. There are currently 3 minted of the 6 currently in this collection.



Sculpture ProjectsSculpture-Based Mixed Media Digital Imaging

These creations incorporate my clay scultpures as well as my painted textures and photography. The latest project entitled 'The Observers' illustrates the idea that there are those who can truly see that we exist within a beautiful symphony of vibration.

The lightly animated NFTs are 1200px square and include a 7200px wide still version as unlockable content. Not all of the sculpture NFTs are animated. Please check the description and details of each minted piece on the associated NFT platform.



SpecimensPhotography and Time Travel

Entomological discoveries from Expedition 26 at Outpost Orkney in the year 2247.

The NFTs are 5000px square.